Medicare supplement plan – insight

Seeing the condition of Healthcare facilities in the country government started issuing health Insurance to its citizens under the administration of several Federal Agencies and this health insurance is only called as original Medicare plans. But even in these Medicare plans there are certain areas in which cover is not provided completely or not at all. So to counter such a situation Medicare supplement plans were introduced. As the name suggests it is a supplement to the original Medicare plans but the only difference being that it is being issued by private companies.

Why Medicare supplement plans?

Aetna medicare supplement plansOriginal Medicare Covers up to 80% of total Healthcare cost of any individual but the remaining 20% is still a big problem for most of the people which is covered partly or completely by Medicare supplement plan. further these Medicare supplement plans are also valid out of the nation which means that if the individual having a Medicare supplement plan fells sick outside the nation and is under treatment there itself then those expenses will also be covered by medical supplement plans. Also Aetna Medicare supplement plans which can be found at  get renewed automatically every year by just the payment of premium which means the individual do not have to renew the policy again and again every year. Medicare supplement plans also allows the individual to choose any doctor or hospital of his/her choice.



Different types of Medicare supplement plans

There are in total 10 different type of medical supplement plans currently available in the US market. These plans are lettered from A-N (ruling out E H I and J), each with entirely different range of facilities, medical coverage and entirely different premium range.

A – It provides less coverage than the rest of other plans and covers only the basic benefits of original Medicare plans A and B.

B – It is more like the traditional Health Insurance covering health services such as surgeries diagnosis medical exams, etc. But beside these things it also additionally covers up necessary healthcare accessories such as crutches of wheelchair.

C – It is specifically designed for senior citizens to ensure that they receive maximum benefit from the original Medicare plans it offers additional extended coverage co insurance and Copayment of services.

D – It is designed to work in conjunction with original Medicare plans A and B.

F – It is one of the most popular Medicare supplement plan that covers access charges of Medicare plans A and B.

G – It is very similar to plan if beside the fact that that deductibility of Medicare Plan B is covered in f which has to be paid in this plan. Hence its premiums are available at more affordable rates.

K – It offers lower premiums but higher deductibles. Only Medicare part A and coverage completely.

L – It offers only partial coverage of costs not covered by traditional Medicare plans.

M – It is specifically designed to offer a low cost Medigap plan to consumers to increase the Medicare benefits.

N – It is a cheaper version of plan f as it covers all the costs not covered by original Medicare plans but at a cheaper premium.